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Relyon provided the Massachusetts Association for Sober Housing a full web solutions including new design; content addition and management and form creation and submission based on the Wordpress platform. The system allows administrators to manage the certified sober homes directory and provides an application for new homes.

Services also include one-on-one Wordpress training; on-call technical support; enterprise hosting; daily security scans and full site back-ups.

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    Responsive Design

    Responsive design allows your website to shrink or grow based on the platform your viewer is using. Relyon-designed websites can be viewed on PC's, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. For example: if you find a site while you are cruising the web on your laptop and you want to send it to your friend who only has a tablet, the site will appropriately size to work with your friend's tablet size and format. Easier and greater visibility on the worldwide web facilitates increased hits on your site.

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    Logo Design

    MASH requested that we make them a logo to represent sober housing services. They wanted a logo that involved the housing symbol. With the help of our junior graphic designer, we were able to create a simple but artistic logo that symbolized their business.

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    Web Design

    Relyon works with each client to design a website that incorporates all the elements such as photos, graphics, videos, forms, calendars and contact information. Our sites load fast and run clean, allowing viewers to get the information they need quickly and easily.

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For the Massachusetts Association for Sober Housing we designed a streamlined home page. The important elements are given the most room and the drop downs allow for a cleaner faster loading of the page.

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Customized toggles allow the reader to quickly locate the information they need without the need to scroll and read through long text. If you open a toggle and would like to leave it open as you scroll down, you have that ability for easy reference to previous sections.

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The custom post feature allows clients to design what types of information they want to present or collect. It allows the clients to easily post their own information and make changes as they need them..