M.E.S.A Conference

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Gryphon Scientific and the Royal Scientific Society of the Kingdom of Jordan hired Relyon to completely overhaul the previous website. This was a multi-phase project. The overall site design and features did not present any major obstacles, however, the project had other major challenges.

  • Accuracy - The site contains highly specific scientific jargon and abbreviations. Working with Gryphon Scientific, Relyon checked that every line of text and every article met Gryphon's stringend requirements for accuracy.

  • This project required heightened sensitivity to ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The challenge to decipher personal and professional information pertaining to the diverse conference attendees was critical to the presentation of accurate information.

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    Web Design

    The Middle East and South Asia Conference on Epigenetics and Genomics of Infectious Diseases Conference Website was designed to provide general conference agenda information, facilitate speaker registration and presentation submission. The international component required knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural differences. A private portal was added for Attendees to share contact information, photographs, abstracts and other secure conference information.

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    Multi Functional

    This is a great example of a relatively basic website, designed to provide conference information, bios of speakers, program, registration and travel information. The international component required knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural differences. The Attendee portal allows attendees to see contact information about each other to facilitate communication within the group. The site allows sharing of relevant papers, recent news and agendas of all meetings. With so many third world users of the site, speed of loading and processing information was critical. Basic, clean, visually appealing....Happy Client!

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    Joint Collaboration

    Working with the international conference planners, Relyon provided the website with a personal and inviting feel. Pictures of the members, attendees and speakers were provided by the clients and Relyon posted them, thus providing a way for members to remember each other in a warm and happy way.

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The Attendee Portal of the M.E.S.A. website allows communication via email among all attendees. Email addresses are masked for privacy and security reasons. This portal gives attendees access to all pertinent data about the conference.

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The Agenda tab allows the user to mouse over the agenda item and obtain a full synopsis of the agenda item. Relyon manages all content.

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The Conference Proceedings tab provides pictures and options to download a portion or all of the conference proceedings as PDF files.