Custom Web Applications!

Whether your organization is collecting and reporting on data; transforming from a paper-to-web environment; outgrowing Excel files; in need of a real-time dashboard or interactive reporting, Relyon Solutions will meet your project’s needs.

Relyon builds web applications utilizing the Microsoft .NET platform and customized features for the WordPress platform. We will work with you to identity, outline, document and program the workflow required for the project’s success.

What is the main purpose of your site; sales, data research, visual appeal?
Relyon websites can be customized to suit your needs. Fresh, creative & secure.

We have you covered!

Just a few features that we can build for you are:

  • Data Collection Systems;
  • Analytic tracking;
  • Photo galleries;
  • Video and audio components;
  • Top search engine placements;
  • Unique themes (including colors, fonts, format);
  • Logo Design;
  • Secure Managed Hosting;

The possibilities are endless.
Don’t know where to start?

Our team’s top priority is to understand your needs as well as you do. We will be with you every step of the way! Leveraging the power, optimizing the performance, and ensuring the security of your application is our top priority.

Load Fast. Run Fast.

Effective data management is a significant competitive advantage.
With fast access to their relevant data, provided in a cost effective manner, companies are able to make effective decisions, measurements and valuations.

Relyon works with our clients to configure and manage FISMA, FED Ramp, HIPAA and PCI compliant data and securely encrypt and post it to the hosting site within our secure Amazon GovCloud infrastructure.


data management

What does a great data management mean for you? Faster loading times, lower operating costs, better risk management and fewer costly errors.

Our services include:

  • Automated data transfer to achieve searchable information on the website.
  • Integration of multiple file formats with connectivity to HIPAA file formats like XML, CSV, ODBC, and other flat files, unstructured data and more.
  • Ensure data quality with data validation procedures for accurate results.
  • Thanks to the Internet of things, social media, video, satellite and sensor data of all kinds pours into databases of all types these days.

Relyon Solutions LLC helps our clients to manage the data with analytics to organize information that can positively influence how people live. Good analysis of reliable data will:

  • Rapidly assess and respond to security and safety threats
  • Increase efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in your organization
  • Optimize field engagement and utilization optimization
  • Transform your business model based on analytical insights from customer data
  • Perform predictive market analyses based on complete data, and not just a sub-set of that data
  • Accurately predict and prevent customer churn
  • Empower clients with valuable insights into their businesses
Relyon utilizes the Microsoft.NET platform for enterprise solutions. Our team also uses WordPress to create custom and diverse platforms.

For small-businesses and other organizations Relyon continues to incorporate, customize and manage open-source and proprietary content management systems.


web design

With our customized websites both you and us will be able to:

  • Manage and modify your website
  • Customize your website to reflect and suit your company’s needs
  • Allow users access to all of you online content quickly and efficiently
  • Create a strategic layout to best optimize your users experience
  • Integrate Microsoft Office applications and SQL servers

Our team will ensure your website works properly across a wide variety of devices. Our team offers ongoing maintenance to keep your website both up-to-date and secure.

Our team of experts will help you to create not only a practical website but a visually stunning one as well!

Fast & Secure


At Relyon we manage your hosting needs.

Relyon provides our cutting edge web services by utilizing the Amazon AWS GovCloud infrastructure.
We host in the AWS GovCloud which provides a robust, secure, and reliable environment.
Relyon protects your data further with daily back-ups and security scans. We do this to be sure your data is and remains safe.

At Relyon your data is our business and we take it seriously.

Our servers are configured with plenty of processing power, memory, and storage space. We provide you with call A bandwidth so your web pages and applications are served up as quickly as the internet will allow.

Relyon wants your hosting experience to be as good as possible and we encourage our customers to give us feedback.