RS: Our Story

Our Story

Most businesses start with an idea,
ours started with a choice - who needs
our services the most? Like all new
businesses, we were a small team
with limited capacity, but a large ambition
asking where our skills were best applied?

There wasn't anything particularly special about the way it all came about, just the reading of a proposal and a knowing that the organization could really use our help. That's exactly what it felt like to us, support, not work, which made our choice an easy one.

Over the coming months, our small team met with our client's big ambition. We worked night and day to solve problems, big ones, and little ones, until we found a solution. One that turned out to be the first of its kind in America, and went on to serve more than 25 state juvenile corrections systems, ultimately receiving a prominent government award. Years before this success was realized though, we had received our reward - the ability to use our skills in a way that made the efforts of others worthwhile. Our work may not have been big and fancy, but we always knew it was significant.

This is how Relyon Solutions came to be. A group of individuals who actively seek out organizations and initiatives that provide constructive support to Americans. For almost 18 years, we have worked with State and Local Government bodies, Not for Profit organizations, community initiatives, and small businesses with an outward focus, to manage their data and web-environments. We have built applications for research efforts, grant monitoring systems, research evaluations, education environments, community portals and public websites, and many other digital applications. We ensure sensitive material is safe, we manage and demonstrate results, we make data-content useful, all to give the hard work of these organizations an upfront and impactful position. We are Relyon Solutions.
Here to help those who help others.

So how can we help you?