RS: Data-Driven Web Environments

Data-Driven Web Environments

In today's digitally-driven world, company and customer data must be captured in an environment that has been built with quality and security in its foundation. As such, we help organizations create modernized and secure web environments, that consolidate, standardize and validate the information they need. We focus on developing a simplified system that reports useful data so you can accurately analyze situations and make informed business decisions.

As your IT contractor for custom web services we help you with:

Custom Computer Programming: Ideating, writing, modifying, testing and supporting services inline with your objectives and needs for application software, computer software and web environments.

Computer System Design Services: Planning & designing computer system software that integrates hardware, software, communications and technology.

Once a new environment is implemented, training & technical assistance to support your users and teams.

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New Web Product and Digital Brand Development

Do you have a business or product idea that needs to come to life? Does this idea rely on a web environment? Does it need to collect and use customer, product or company information? We work with businesses of all sizes to bring their socially focused ideas into the digital world by supporting you with the development of successful business plans, engagement & branding strategies, Minimal Viable Products (MVP) and final applications/products. Contact us now for more information about how we can help you.

As your IT contractor for web services we help you with:

Custom Web Development: Ideating, architecting, designing, developing and testing of websites, web pages, web applications, minimal viable products, social media integration, and hosting. Securing collected personal data. Reporting and technical assistance tools

Supporting Communication Services: User experience optimization, email distribution channels, social media strategies, content development and design services.

They help America by providing teachers with invigorating and performance enhancing education opportunities.
We helped them by developing and managing their website and on-going communication with schools and teachers.
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They help America by developing products and initiatives that seek to break down barriers to positive change within America.
We helped them by developing their Brand Strategy, Logo, Creative System and website.
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They help by breaking down emotional, behavioral and practical barriers to performance and career stability for perofrmers throughout America.
We helped them by developing their Brand Strategy, Logo, Creative System, Business Plan and minimal viable product.
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Security & Quality

Web security and quality isn't just about a safe hosting platform, it is also about a web-environment that is built and coded with security in its foundation - across software, procedure and user behavior. Re-certified in 2018, Relyon has received a Federal Authority To Operate (ATO) on several core government projects. This means that designed systems (which gathers and reports significant information) have received a formal declaration that adequate security controls are in place. This is a direct result of Relyon's continual focus on quality products, practices and staff behavior. No matter the size of your business, this is the approach we take. To ensure this our web-environments are built with:

.NET PHP SSL JavaScript SQL Server Amazon Web Services MySQL