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Marketing and User Engagement

Are your digital environments working hard enough for you? Are they engaging? Do they communicate the right things, to the right people? Do they speak to the vision of your organization? Are they helping you achieve your business objectives? Communication (through language, design and functionality) plays a critical role in achieving quality and high-performance web environments.

Strategic Communications
Is about assessing the quality of communications in
relation to the objectives of both the communicator and
the project. We provide guidance on how your objectives
are best achieved within your unique web environment,
… and beyond.

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We can help you with

Digital Brands and Product Development
Based on marketing, human and organizational psychology, we develop communication strategies for your digital environments and products, considering your brand objectives and designed around internal and external audience groups. We assess market trends, opportunities and threats, as well as internal objectives and cultures, to find and create a unique, authentic and engaging brand for your product. These strategies outline brand positioning, tone of voice, design articulation and audience relationship as aligned to overall organizational goals and business strategy, and directives for how to bring these to life.

Architecting and UX
Supporting brand, communication and organizational goals, we build engaging journeys through online applications that also consider the rational and emotional needs of audiences. Strategically founded, these journey form the basis for design, build and functionality of digital applications. We can do this from scratch, or we can work with your existing content to enhance (and simplify) functionality and user-experience.

Graphic Design
Strategic design of your core business assets including logos & word-marks, websites, apps, icons, through to online presentations in PDF / PPT format or bite-sized findings to share with stakeholders. This isn't just design for design's sake, but a considered application of brand strategy into effective online tools to support marketing and business objectives.

They help America by providing teachers with invigorating and performance enhancing education opportunities.
We helped them by developing and managing their website and on-going communication with schools and teachers.
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They help America by developing products and initiatives that seek to break down barriers to positive change within America.
We helped them by developing their Brand Strategy, Logo, Creative System and website.
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They help by breaking down emotional, behavioral and practical barriers to performance and career stability for perofrmers throughout America.
We helped them by developing their Brand Strategy, Logo, Creative System, Business Plan and minimal viable product.
Photo by Juan Ramos